Most people think “uterus and ovaries” when they think about fertility.

But there is another internal organ that has a HUGE impact. The liver.

The liver is the body’s chemical processing plant and housekeeper.  It metabolizes our hormones (our internal chemical messengers) and removes toxins from the body. Both of these functions are critical to hormone balance and fertility.

Many people I work with are surprised when we start talking about their fertility challenges and I ask them about their bathroom habits (ie: how often they poop!).  If everything is working properly, the liver helps package up toxins and old hormones so they can be eliminated, and we poop them out – ideally, every morning.  If you aren’t pooping every day, then you aren’t eliminating toxins and old hormones regularly, so they could get reabsorbed and recirculated throughout the body. 

Recirculating hormones contribute to hormone imbalance.

The menstrual cycle relies on balanced hormone levels to function properly. When the liver is burdened (under stress) by toxins and excess hormones, it has a harder time metabolizing the hormones related to fertility, our sex hormones.  

When this happens, we can experience:

    • menstrual cycle irregularity
    • anger, irritability, or moodiness
    • headaches
    • poor digestion, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea
    • Acne
    • fatigue

If you are reading this and thinking, yep, that’s me… then you may benefit from some gentle liver support.

Supporting your liver will help with your fertility, menstrual cycle regularity, painful periods, acne, moods, and more.

This is a very high-level overview, but the bottom line is this: if your hormones are out of balance, your liver most likely needs some help and your fertility is not optimal. 

What You Can Do

If you are a “do it yourself” kind of person, try a gentle liver-supportive tea with dandelion root to help get things moving.  You should be pooping at least once every day.  If you are not, try increasing your fiber (2 TBS of ground flax seeds can help) and make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

Want to do more?

If you want more help, let’s talk!  This is what I do every day with women to help get their cycles back on track, balance their hormones, and optimize fertility.  Use this link to learn more about my fertility appointments schedule here

If you still have questions, use this link to schedule a free 15-minute call to discuss your particular situation.  I will let you know if I think working together could help your particular situation.

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