During this unprecedented time, many of the people I work with are struggling with similar things:  how to stay healthy, what to do if you get sick, how to keep their pantries stocked with nourishing foods, and how to manage stress.  Many women are in the middle of fertility treatments and have been put on hold – a difficult thing for anyone trying to conceive.

In this post, I am sharing my top tips for staying healthy and well in our current environment.


Below is a link to download recipes for my favorite kitchen herbs for health.  This is from the Herbal Cold and Flu program that I teach every year.  It is full of “common” foods and herbs that you probably have in your kitchen today to help boost your health and includes some of my favorite recipes.  Don’t underestimate the power of these kitchen staples!

You can download Kitchen Herbs For Health here.


There are simple things you can do to boost your immune system.  

Below is a list of the top herbs and supplements my family and I take every day to help stay healthy, and what is stocked in my pantry in case we do get sick.

It is getting harder to find some of these natural remedies (elderberry syrup is out of stock everywhere I have checked locally!), so I am including a link where you can purchase through the on-line practitioner’s dispensary that I use with my clients (more on that below):  Fullscript

To Boost Your Immune System (follow package instructions):

1. Astragalus Root:  Astragalus is a root herb used for centuries to strengthen a week immune system.  It is my top recommendation to help prevent colds, influenza, bronchitis, mononucleosis, and pneumonia.  It is also well known for its ability to help the immune system recover after chemotherapy and build up white blood cells. Astragalus root has been studied extensively for its effect on the immune system and has been shown to reduce the occurrence of common respiratory illnesses, inhibit tumor growth and bolster immune system activity in general.

2. Carlson Capsules or Liquid D3 2,000 IU:  Studies suggest that vitamin D is critical for a healthy immune system, reporting that people with the lowest blood vitamin D levels reported having significantly more recent colds or cases of the flu. It is estimated that up to 85 percent of people have insufficient levels of vitamin D.

3. High Quality  Probiotic (Klaire Labs orMegaFoods MegaFlora are both good options):  80% of our immune system cells live in our gut, so having healthy digesting is incredibly important for keeping our immune system healthy.

4. Organic Green Tea: The high level of antioxidants is what’s believed to give green tea its immune-boosting effects. One laboratory study suggested that a particular type of polyphenols called catechins may kill influenza viruses, and 1/2 cup of green tea presents the same antioxidant potential as nearly 2.5 pounds of fresh fruit!

To Start Taking At The First Signs of An Illness:

1. Gaia Elderberry Syrup:  This is one of the most powerful allies we have against cold and flu viruses.  If I had to choose only one herb to take at the onset of illness, it would be elderberry.  Taken at the onset, elderberry can reduce the duration and severity of a cold or flu.  Studies have shown that compounds in elderberry can coat the exterior of a virus, rendering it non-functional and unable to penetrate our body’s cells.  This stops viral replication and shortens the course of the illness.  Elderberry is also high in antioxidants and other chemicals that help our immune system fight an illness. You can also make your own with this recipe from my blog post here.

2. Echinacea tincture:  Echinacea stimulates immune function when taken in high, regular doses at the first signs of infection (1-3 ml, 3-4 times per day).  One way that it works is by increasing phagocytosis. Phagocytosis is an immune response that involves a phagocyte (white blood cell) ingesting and destroying a foreign body. This is an important way that the immune system fights and removes various pathogens like bacteria and viruses.   

These are general recommendations that can work for most people.  There are additional herbs that can help if you are prone to respiratory infections or bronchitis and different herbs if you tend to get strep throat or ear infections (just for example!).

If you want more help with a protocol that is specific to YOU, schedule a 1 hr Immune Support appointment (all appointments are virtual).  Here is the link to learn more:  1-hour session for Immune Support 

These supplements and herbs are generally safe for everyone, including children, but please do your own research and check with your health care practitioner if you have any questions or concerns.


To order from Fullscript you will have to enter your email and create a password… then you will be inside the patient portal and will have access to practitioner quality products and receive a 20% discount on all supplements purchased through this site.  You can also browse other products on the site: Fullscript


This is a very hard time for women and couples who are trying to conceive.  IVF and other reproductive procedures are canceled.  While I know this is devastating… there are things you can do during this time to optimize your health and fertility.  Studies have shown that herbs and nutrition can improve egg and sperm quality (and I have personally seen this with the couples I work with!).

There are things you can do now, in our current state of social isolation and shutdowns, to optimize your fertility and be in the best health possible when this is all over.

That’s why I created 5 Simple Changes You Can Do Today To Improve Your Fertility.

These simple, yet powerful, steps are the foundation for healthy fertility.

They are also part of the preconception plan that I put every client on when we start working together.

They are the top five things I wish every woman (and her partner!) would start doing before they even begin trying to conceive.

You can download it from the link here


If you are finding these times particularly stressful, try turning to Lemon Balm to help ease your anxiety.  Lemon balm is available as a tea or tincture!  Traditional Medicinals makes a nice lemon balm tea available in many local health stores.  If you want more support for stress, anxiety, or sleep you can learn more about my virtual appointments here.

Want To Improve Your FERTILITY And Set Your Body On The Path For A Healthy PREGNANCY?


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