Mental Health and Yoga Summit

Thanks for joining me at the Mental Health and Yoga Summit!

I hope you are leaving with a better understanding of how herbs can help support your body’s stress response so you can feel less stress and more calm.

As promised, here is a recipe guide to make some of my favorite herbal drinks to help support your nervous system, and a few other resources:

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Hi, I’m Liane Moccia

I am a registered clinical herbalist with a specialty in preconception planning. I also struggled with infertility.

Testing at a top Boston fertility center showed I had “premature ovarian failure” and after several failed IVF cycles my doctor told me I was a “non-responder”, and they would not continue to treat me.  I was losing hope. 

Thankfully, I sought out another opinion. I didn’t give up.  

A year of fertility treatments and looking closely at how to improve my health and the environment around me paved the way for where I am today, and ultimately led me to herbal medicine.  I am happy to say that we became pregnant with our twin girls after another round of IVF. Today, they are happy, healthy, teens, and our family is complete.

The truth is that you do have control over so many factors that can improve your fertility (and that of your partner’s). I wish I knew then what I know now: that the right combination of diet, lifestyle changes, supplements, and herbs can make a difference.

I believe there is so much you can do in your first year of trying to conceive. You don’t have to “just try on your own” for a year before getting help.

Whether you are trying to get pregnant naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies, I understand your journey and I can help. I have dedicated my career to supporting individuals and couples trying to conceive.


Want To Improve Your FERTILITY And Set Your Body On The Path For A Healthy PREGNANCY?


you can make today to improve your fertility

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