Coming this Fall 2020: Zoom Edition!

Want to boost your and your family’s immune system and learn natural ways to prevent colds and flus this winter?

Join us as we explore how herbs have been used for generations to help promote health, and what modern scientific research has revealed about herbal efficacy and safety.  We will discuss herbal teas, tinctures, syrups, and how you can incorporate theses healing plants into your daily life.   You will have a chance to sample herbal remedies, learn what powerful herbs may be in your kitchen already, and simple tips to start building your own herbal medicine cabinet.

We will focus on herbs for prevention, what to do at the first signs of illness, and how to decrease the severity of symptoms and length of illness if you do get sick.  

You will leave with lots of herbal recipes (like teas and syrups) if you are a DIY person, buying guides if you prefer purchase on line or from health stores such as Whole Foods, and simple tips to incorporate herbs into your daily life. 

Date:  TBD, Fall 2020

Class Time: TBD

Location:  Zoom

Cost: $35  

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