Were you told you should try on your own to get pregnant for one year before getting help

Maybe you can relate?

  • You’ve been trying to get pregnant on your own, but every month feels like an eternity and you’re wasting precious time
  • Your doctor told you to take a prenatal and just “keep trying” for 12 months (the dreaded 1-year wait)
  • You’ve Googled “how to improve fertility” but were left feeling overwhelmed and confused
  • You wonder why everyone around you seems to get pregnant easily and why what worked for them isn’t working for you
  • You’re ready to do everything possible to prepare for pregnancy

Here’s the surprising truth… there is a lot you can do in your first year of trying to conceive.


I offer one-on-one consultations supporting you on your path to a happy, healthy, pregnancy with herbs, nutrition, lifestyle changes, and a clear plan.


When we work together you will leave with a clear plan that supports your fertility and health and you won’t have to wonder and worry if you are doing everything possible to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and have a healthy baby.

Hi, I’m Liane Moccia

I am a registered clinical herbalist with a specialty in preconception planning. I also struggled with infertility so I understand how it feels to be deeply disappointed every month and wonder if you are doing everything possible to become pregnant.

My own experience with infertility fueled my passion to help others. I went back to school, studied herbalism, became a certified herbalist, was accepted as a peer-reviewed registered professional herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild, and completed a year-long mentorship with a renowned naturopathic fertility doctor in Boston.

Having been in practice now for 7 years, I have seen what a difference herbs and nutrition can make for people trying to conceive. I wish I knew then what I know now. There was SO MUCH MORE I could have done during that first year of “just trying”.

Now I help people optimize their fertility through herbs, nutrition, lifestyle changes, and a clear plan.


Ready to Do More?

Having a clear plan based on scientific evidence and traditional wisdom can help improve your fertility and avoid feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or alone.

What if there were more you could do to improve your fertility, increase your chance of getting pregnant, and feel like you have more control over the whole process?

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